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Tips on Photographing Your Pet

If possible, take some photos with the portrait in mind. Some pets are natural posers and a good photograph is easy to take, for others it is more difficult. It is not necessary to get professional photos taken. With patience you can achieve good results yourself.

Here are a few tips to follow which will give the best results.

It might be better to take your photos over a number of days so that the animal doesn't get bored or overwhelmed by the attention. It can be possible to get really good photos if your pet is just going about his normal day and is not posed. Cameras can be distracting for some animals.

Please note that the quality of the portrait will depend on the quality of your photographs. If they are blurred or the subject is too far away or too dark, or light, I will have less information to work with and the final portrait will reflect this.

If you are unable to get good photos and you live locally, please contact me and I will, for a small extra payment, visit you to take photos of your pet.

Tilly is a natural poser and good photos are easy to take

Here Tilly is more interested in the smells on her walk, than posing. This would not make a good photo for a portrait.